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language ponderings - MAS11

Jan. 29th, 2008 05:00 pm language ponderings

It's kind of a strange situation - I force them to speak English, which is the point of it all, but how odd when they speak to one another in english for my benefit. Because normally they speak french, but if the conversation starts in english (between me and ce-n for example) then it will continue if someone interrupts (n-n for example). And then the things I don't correct when c-n (the mother) is talking to me i suddenly thing i should correct when i hear the children repeating the incorrect english. But i don't usually in these situations. I still feel awkward correcting in everyday speech the way I always have with P-a or anyone else to whom english isnt their first language. The way i see it is that language is for communicating and if you can get your point across then why should it matter if you do it in the exact way that some "they" has defined it to be done? And this brings me back to dad correcting my "good" vs. "well" or something - which i do now appreciate because when i hear americans speak badly i cringe. I guess it seems that as a native speaker you don't have an excuse - that you should know the right way before you can play and expand and redefine the language. But as a foreign speaker you are forced to define the language in the way you can - it still is redefining. You are redefining according to your native language. You are constantly translating to make sense of the words.

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