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Alberto Giacometti, l'oeuvre gravé - MAS11

Jan. 8th, 2008 05:25 pm Alberto Giacometti, l'oeuvre gravé

Ok, it's been forever since I've written here but I was going to try to keep track of things a little here so i'll do my best to catch up. Today I went to the Bibliotheque National - the old one - and saw an exhibition "Alberto Giacometti, l'oeuvre gravé." "gravé being etchings... i think that's what they're called. it's printmaking. I wasn't planning on going to it, in fact i thought the BN was actually a library, but it's now a specialized research library which also has art exhibitions. So instead of finding a bunch of books to read, i spent a couple hours studying the prints. They were so completely perfect and realistic with so few lines depicting everything.
It was encouraging - I think I'm starting a drawing class. Something I've found or maybe just become more used to is going with the flow - accepting what you do understand and going with it until you understand more. I got a job modeling for a Czec artist who speaks fluent french but very little english - so we've done all our conversing in french. I THINK he offered to give me drawing classes and i think i accepted... i know i would have if that was what he was in fact offering... so i think i will be taking drawing from him on friday. Though i might just be modeling for him. Either way, it will be really exciting to be working with him because he seems to be a pretty damn good artist. I know i'm going to have to be careful, there seems to be quite a difference between the artists i've come across here and the artists I've worked with or known in the past. The ones here have all been men and the artists i've known in the past have mostly been women - and younger women. But there is definitely more sexuality involved in working with the male artists, even if it isn't explicit (though as i found, it is sometimes completely about sexuality, and not art at all.) But with the latest guy, his work is really passionate. From what i've seen, i like it a lot. So it will be interesting, a bit scary but i think good, to model for this kind of art...
I have to go teach english now, i'll probably write more when i get back. I'm really tired today, maybe still a bit sick and it's the first week back to a normal schedule. I missed the normal schedule - i floated more than ever during christmas and now i'm glad to be a bit grounded. Christmas was so terrifying. But anyway, i'm tired so not going to do much tonight except iron because i have to. So back in a bit.

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